Even the average citizen of the Empire at least knows the name of his country, for the founder was wise and knowledgeable enough to understand his future people and named it something that shouldnt stretch their mental faculties too much.

He named it The Empire.

Although this is merely hypothesis it is plausible that some kind of massive education programme was also implemented at the time so that the citizens understood what an empire was, though that said even the average human probably guessed something was up when they saw the legions upon legions of cold eyed soldiers and their previous overlords’ heads upon pikes. But then I never like to second-guess human intelligence, as ultimately, Im always disappointed.

Perhaps Im digressing a little, though I do find insulting you to be both the most effective tool for holding on to your minuscule attention span as well as being highly enjoyable.

Anyways the great and mighty empire spans the continent, from the west coast of Acacia to the Brankovici Mountains in the east, from the northern glaciers to the balmy southern city states, all under the benevolent gaze of the mighty regent and his regal privy council.

What I shall argue now will be controversial to say the least. For it is perhaps not widely known, whispered in hushed voices and may be of some shock to you.

For I suggest to you my dear dope of a reader that not only is it true that your mighty empire has been dying for some time, but that it is deader than the founding Emperor Corsini.

Before describing the Empire in generality, I shall start at the beginning of the Empire and the centre of the modern world.

I shall start with Hive Town, or District II in the imperial doctrine.

The Hive