Iberian Regions

La Mancha (DV)

South of Gascony and Saintongue lies La Mancha as the rolling hills become the arid plains of the south. The wind here is constant and rumoured to drive visitors insane within a few days and its inhabitants before birth. It is upon these great plains where lies the central monasteries of the Ordo Praedictorum.


As La Mancha is to the south of Gascony and Saintongue so too lies Caceres to Aquitaine and it is here that the great port of Santanda lies, which is the major staging area for nearly all imperial shipping and expeditions to the archipelagos. Santanda also has the rather dubious distinction of being attributed to be the centre of the Roachers guild.


Further south of La Mancha lies Almeria; which stretches the southern coast until it joins with the Pyrines

Catalonia (DXXV)

East of Almeria and nestled within the Pyrines lies Catalan, last of the mainland kingdoms to fall under imperial sway. To this day it remains in dispute whether Catalonia was simply an extremely close ally of Iberia before it fell to the empire or fully separate autonomous kingdom by itself. What is know is that Catalonia was not so easily conquered and bears the distinction for being the only campaign of Corsini that was a failure (not counting Hive town). Three other emperors have attempted to capture Catalonia and it was not until 55 years ago that the empire finally succeeded and could rightfully claim complete supremacy over the continent.

And so having covered the west and immediate south of Hive town, we travel now to the east and south east, to the core of the empire and the great industry and imperial bastions.

Well whats left of them.

We shall first cover the city states and provinces to the south east.