The Vici

All of these travellers lay claim to descent from the Vlastimirovici (which no doubt accounts for the etymology of their unified caravans). A noble family that can probably lay claim to being the founders of the first empire of man. “

Not really a feat worthy of note.

Inquisitors, soldiers, pilgrims, charlatans, beggars and traders are not the only people to travel ceaselessly round our great empire and the Vlastimirovici are one part of each save perhaps inquisitor. The Vici as they are actually known to everyone else claim to be descendants from the rulers of the first human empire, who have been set to wander the roads and pathways they once ordered built. This excuse has long grown old and the vici are treated with distrust and derision where they go. In turn the Vlastimorivici make their living from peddling small items and in a myriad of different ways. For example heading to seasonal harvests and other gatherings where work becomes available to whoever is willing, Additionally they are notorious for providing small occult services to superstitious and desperate peasants: a fact that sees no end of scrutiny from inquisitorial forces and seems to ultimately mean that where one is the other appears not.

Culturally they are distinct, having bright colourful wagons and tents that match their clothing. Strange accents and stranger ways. And if early I said distrust and derision there is still the truth that like attracts like and peasants are drawn to them. Unfortunately their internal structure remains a mystery to myself. In records I have found reference to the kings and queens of the vici, so a monarchy may exist however beyond that and their devotion to their old and wise I know not.

Recently in the past century there has been a small shift within their behaviour and now accompanying the travellers in their rounds can be found fantastical circuses and travelling carnivals, comprising not just of Vlastimorivici but anyone with sufficient talent in entertainment.