The Brankovici Kingdoms

Inat: A personality characteristic consisting of two parts stubbornness, one part spite.

A term chiefly used by the Vlastimovici and Brankovici populations

Only Unity saves Brankovici, but Inat saves me
Eastern empire proverb

The Brankovici kingdoms are only occasionally unified under this name, intermittently but never for long; what does combine them into a cohesive whole is their culture and their psychology both of which seem chiefly to consist of hating their immediate neighbour, the Brankovici.

Their lands are rugged and barren, with the majority of their towns nestled within small valleys in the Brankovic mountains. These mountains alone are a danger for the unprepared traveller, with unkempt roads barely worth the name, sign posts which are frequently adjusted by the occasional traveller suffering from an acute bout of inat and vicious predators which roam freely with little organised culling. The weather also leaves something to be desired, for there are three states of weather in Brankovici. The first is that of water floating in the air (fog), the second that of water falling from the sky (rain) and the third that of frozen water falling from the sky (snow).

There is no other weather.

Brankovici was the heart of the first empire, and this can be seen from the frequent dark brooding castles that seem to be even more populous then the towns. As a word of advice unless your need is dire I would avoid them at all cost. Each and everyone will be populated by a fruitcake of some description, whether demonic or insane.

Indeed it is frequent to find an imperial outcast here, heretical or otherwise, for while the kingdoms are almost entirely orthodox, in these lands they lack an organised inquisition such as the one were so blessed with here (with the notable exception of the bloodknight mercenary company).

In personality the Brankovici are dour, harsh, superstitious and spiteful. Further, although unorganised on any large scale and although very smartly they will spend their evenings cowering from the denizens of citadels, one must not underestimate their capability for mayhem.

Though somewhat old fashioned in this modern age, their crossbows are no less deadly and their mercenary companies (which are famed through the known world) are superbly equipped with ancestral darkened or blood red plate and large double handed weapons which could put even a big-un down with very little trouble.

There are three major towns in the Brankovici kingdoms that are technically cities. I shall now discuss them two of them below, having already discussed Kiev.


Claiming to be the home of the first seat of the first human empire, Budapest takes all the cities of the world together and combines the worst bits. There are however two places of note within Budapest, the first is the grand citadel overlooking the river, once this was the centre of the first empire of man. Now it lays unclaimed and dormant, distrusted and feared by the denizens of Budapest. Indeed it is believed that it is the shadow of the Citadel that is the cause of the fact that no one in this dim city smiles. Directly under the citadel lies the Orthodox cathedral, centre of the faithful for the Brankovici kingdoms in the former catacombs of the citadel no less, and only the cavern that serves as an entry into the catacombs are open to the lay faithful.


Claiming to be the home of the first seat of the first human empire, Belgrade isnt much better then Budapest.