The Dark Continent

To the south of the empire lies the dark continent, a place of incredible danger and mystery which no civilisation has yet to successfully penetrate to its black heart. The vast majority of this continent is one of jungle and bitter plains. Excepting the north coast and the area around Port Rid, Elves are the indigenous tribal rulers here, cannibals all and savages every one, worshiping dark tribal spirits.

The Iteru

The majority of the north coast is one of desert, harsh glaring sun and excepting a very few coastal villages is completely barren. However to the east where the dark continent meets the prophet’s land lies the Iteru, famed river and an oasis of fertile land. Here lies the greatest of the Djinn empires, one that holds the greatest ties of peace with the empire for it is the most feared.

Port Rid

On the west coast of the dark continent lies Port Rid, of crucial strategic importance to the empire and duchies alike and now a independent nation in its own right. Port Rid lies upon the shipping lane to the cradle and is the closest mainline port to the archipelagos. Needless to say, despite not being officially recognised by any of the older powers Port Rid is a prosperous town, or at least it was until the red death outbreak. It was this outbreak that led to a further lesser-known revolt by the average peons, which led to those elf slaves gaining not just their freedom, but an equal say within their council, for elves alone appear to be immune to the disease. No doubt this would lead to conspiracy theories a-plenty was it not for the fact the elves hadnt even managed the basics of agriculture before our civilised arrival.

The Archipelagos

It is here where we finish our tale for it is my belief this will be where history’s next major steps will begin. The archipelagos is a misleading name for what they are, another more apt name had it not been for the fact that they were discovered by unenlightened beings would be that of the submerged continent, for these islands are naught but the highest peaks of a once heavily inhabited land.

Inhabited by what or who is still a question heartily debated, by historians and academics alike. However what is certain is that the resources available for exploitation probably match that of the dark continent and the cradle. Seams of gold, diamonds and other preciouscommodities are frequently discovered upon these islands, occasionally too finds of artwork and other priceless archaeological items. Finally just once in a while, a technological wonder is found and although almost all of these extremely rare finds are inoperable, no scientist would give anything less then his first born for such an item in the hope of being able to decipher its power.

And just once, almost no more than once every generation, a working item is found, the likes of which causes the world to set itself aflame in war to possess