Character Creation

Choosing a species and an allegiance

Your character may start as a member of any of the allegiances listed below, each of which conveys a particular set of advantages. However we recommend those listed on the new player page for our final event. Certain allegiances will only accept certain races and to be a recognised member of that allegiance you must be one of the races accepted. Every allegiance will have advantages in playing; the most obvious one is that many grant the member a free skill and the opportunity to pick up another skill at a cheaper rate.


To play a member of a species you must be able to achieve the minimum phys rep described.


Humans are the most populous species in the Brankovici kingdoms, the Cetus Duchies and the Empire. Phys rep: No special phys reps


Gretchens are a goblinoid species, excitable, very smart but also eccentric. Gretchens are the most common species in the Gretchen hives as well as being the second most populous species as nationalised members of the Empire. Despite this they are frequently treated as second class citizens and are considered unwelcome in many organisations.

Phys rep: Goblin Prosthetic. green, black or dark red skin.


Velten are a carrion avian species stemming from the far east beyond the borders of the Empire. Velten are found in the Khanate, the Cradle, as well as a small population in the Cetus Duchies.

Phys rep: Beak and Bird-like makeup.


Djinn are mostly human in appearance except for blue or purple skin and small prominent horns upon the forehead. The Djinn are found in the middle eastern lands as well as the northern parts of the dark continent. The Acacianic church considers the Djinn unsalvagable for their part in the martyrdom of the Prophet as well as the occupation of the Holy City of the Golden Gate. The majority of the Djinn follow another religion which the speaking of is forbidden within the Empire but they are known to believe that the Prophet was simply one of many wise men.

Phys rep: Blue or Purple skin, prominent horns.


Cannibalistic savages from the dark continent, elves are mostly human in appearance save for either extremely light or extremely dark skin and grossly elongated ears.

Phys Rep: White or black face make up, ear prosthetics.


There are two types of automaton, mechanical or even more rarely second-hand biological. Automata are rare no matter where you are, are considered to be heretical by the church and are hated and persecuted by many people. Both types are frequently destroyed on sight by the general population unless they bear imperial or guild markings, however a special hatred is reserved for the biological ones and frequently no amount of protection will save them from the pyres.
Phys rep: Steam-driven robot or Frankensteinesque monster.


Specially grown Gretchens, Big-uns are larger versions of Gretchens, designed as the foot soldiers and workers of Gretchen society. However the nature of the procedure results in them commonly being slower and not as bright as Gretchens, as well as having a heightened sense of aggression.

Phys Rep: Orc facial make-up, tusks, pallid grey, green or black skin.

Other information

Skill picking

Each race and allegiance has a briefing sheet available that gives a comprehensive background to their history and organisation. Some of these briefing sheets may have additional rules and skills available as options for your character. Once you have booked for an event we will send you the relevant briefs for your character and link you to a character creation form . Characters now start with eight points to divide amongst individual skills and advantages.