Allegiances by Country

Your character gains all the benefits listed under that allegiance which may include either free skills and advantages, a discount on another skill or a combination of the above.

Cetus Duchies

To the west of the Empire lies an island kingdom known as the Cetus Duchies, a stable constitutional monarchy which has recently expanded through the colonial efforts of the East Provinces Company to the point where it is even beginning to rival the Empire in terms of military strength.

Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Secret Service agents commonly work solo, but can in crucial scenarios work in groups of up to three. After the red death attack in London the Secret Service was created out of the remains of several other clandestine organisations. Although no direct proof has ever been found it was very clear to all concerned that the sudden spree of very messy killings of various technologists lay at this Service’s feet. Occasionally they may be attached to other organisations within the Cetus Duchies and very very occasionally given out on loan to foreign powers.

Influence 1
Basic Handguns
Maximum group size: 3

Royal Expeditionary Society

Tomb raiders and explorers, the Royal Expeditionary Society is famous for its discoveries throughout learned circles. Although not as egalitarian as the guilds within the Empire, the Royal Expeditionary Society will accept anyone with talent, as an associate to begin with but once they have shown their worth they are fast-tracked for funding for projects. The RES is also unique in accepting from other cultures, (with the exception of the Djinn and Empire) and both Elves and Velten are in their ranks.

Species: Human, Elf, Velten.

Ordo Asclepius

The Ordo Asclepius believes that for the soul to be strong the corpus must be as well and vice versa. Their chosen task then, is to heal the sick and the needy the better to do god’s work. Further, many are known to take pacifist vows in addition to their vows of poverty for this very reason, and there have been frequent conflicts between them and the more aggressive orders of the church. The Ordo Asclepius had many small institutions across the towns, villages and cities of the accacianic Empire, and wherever there was the poor, you were likely to find a brother or sister of this order. However the recent decrees of the new pope has resulted in a schism between the ordo Asclepius and the accacianic church. To avoid persecution they have also left the empire and accepted the invitation of the duchies for safe harbor.

Staunch wounds
2 pt rituals
Species: Human, Djinn, Gretchen

The Empire

The Guilds


A semi-legitimate criminal cartel that operates within the Empire’s borders, the Roachers also are the Royal Expeditionary Society’s biggest rival for archaeological digs, when there appears to be a direct return. Unlike the RES the Roachers are not interested in academic research or greater understanding of history, although there are a number of scholars within the Roachers who pursue such knowledge in the hope of revealing greater treasures. To the Roachers however this is but one side of their operations and within the Empire their profit comes from shadier pursuits, fencing, dens of ill repute and smuggling. This stated the Roachers are always careful to cut in the higher bodies of the Empire to allow for flexibility of the law and have never been persecuted as an entity for this reason. Indeed it has actually been said to have been joked by the Regent that the Roachers have paid more in bribes then all the other guilds have together paid in taxes.

Basic Knavery
Species: Human, Gretchen, Automaton


Technologists without equal in the Empire, Aethyrites are masters of science and invention, however unlike many of the Empire’s independent scientists their goal is science for its own sake and although the imperial agencies keep careful tabs on their research, as a whole they are trusted by them. This stated there have been cases of rogue Aethyrites and the guild is always quick to put them down, occasionally with extreme prejudice. The Aethyrites are also sub-contracted by the imperial military to maintain a number of their systems, including the Anestotes.

Species: Human, Gretchen, Automaton


Officially only someone who has been sanctioned by the Toubibs may claim to be a doctor of medicine, however the fines are small and frequently take a long time to extract from offenders. Still, no one with any money is likely to employ a surgeon who is not part of the Toubibs and thus their monopoly is almost secure. Despite this they have a less then friendly rivalry with the Ordo Asceplius. The Toubibs are distrustful of their quackery and less than happy that any competition exists at all. In turn the Ordo Asceplius believes the Toubibs to be centred upon profit and finance rather then healing the sick and helping the needy.

Gear 1
Field Aid
Species: Human only

The Imperial Legions

Because of the intense possible political ramifications of what lies beyond the gates, the Imperial Regent has requested his legion generals to send expeditionary forces through the gate. To curry favour with the new power of the Empire or for other less obvious reasons five of his generals have responded.

Danjou legion

The Danjou legion’s original purpose, which was to allow the Empire to utilise foreign nationals within their army, is more or less defunct. However with the majority of the continent now laying at the Empire’s feet and their expansionist plans for the moment halted their usefulness is now debatable. This elite force specialises in action far away from supply lines, but at this time almost 70 percent of the legion comprises those raised in the Empire, with the remainder being of the Brankovici kingdoms or very occasionally from more exotic locations.

Medium double
Species: Any

Hive town Grenadiers

The Hive town Grenadiers are the city’s contribution to the legions of the Empire, and although on a smaller scale then the others, it excels at urban assault. Due to the garrison’s unique location the Grenadiers do allow non-nationalised Gretchen to join, providing that they take an oath to serve the Empire above all else for the length of their negotiated stay. They are also renowned for their incredible resilience and morale; never once has the legion been routed in battle.

improved toughness
Species: Human, Gretchen, Big-un


Noble Families

The noble families within the Empire are frequently scorned and distrusted by guild, church and imperial agency alike. To survive each one has done their best to garner as much influence as they can within these agencies to varying degrees of success. To some degree this has worked and upon the death of the child Emperor the nobles took advantage of the power vacuum to quickly place themselves as regional governors in several of the Empire’s provinces, citing age-old experience with their former kingdoms. This move however may ultimately be their downfall as the population was not so willing to follow. While it is possible to play a member of most of the other factions and still be a noble by buying the influence advantage this allegiance represents those that are full time members of their families, who focus upon management of their estates. In comparison to the other allegiances, influence with this grouping may not be as valuable but does allow players more flexibility of play at the higher levels. A maximum influence of eight (five for individual, three for group) for example allows a character to start out as the next in line to a noble family throne for one of the great dynasties in the Empire or as the current head of one of the minor houses.
The single influence point you start with allows you to be an illegitimate member of the noble family of your family tree but can be improved with further points in the advantage.

Any 2 points in any combination of Followers, Artefacts or Gear
Influence (relevant dynasty) 1
Species: Human

Acacianic Church

The church is almost as influential as the imperial offices in its hold on the people of the Empire (some might argue moreso) and it is true that in occasional clashes with the secular authorities many have ended in draws. However both entities try to avoid this where possible as both accept that a true conflict could lead to the destruction of both. The Acacianic church is intensely interested in the activated gate due to its heavy association with the prophet and the apostles.

Ordo Hominum Salvator (The battle friars)

The battle friars are the martial end of the church, and to them has been tasked the duty of protecting the church and the holy land. Recently however, the higher echelons of the battle friars were charged with heresy (an act fully supported by the Regent) and the Hominum Salvator was all but gutted of senior holy knights, with many of their assets stripped. Those that remain are young, and still idealistic enough to believe in the sanctity of the church, and many believe the charges against their superiors to have been false. The battle friars still hold some assets within the holy land as well as a few scattered monasteries around the Empire, though much of their original temporal wealth has been surgically extracted from them by the inquisitors of the church and the might of the Empire’s legions.

Light armour
1 pt rituals
heavy armour
Species: Human, Djinn

The Gretchen

Gretchen Hive Teams

The elite of the elite in terms of Gretchen military, these highly trained soldiers are equipped with the most advance steamware available and are trusted with the most important missions. Occasionally because of their unique training Gretchen Hive teams are loaned to the Empire to tackle the most intransient evil technologists. Gretchen Hive teams are almost wholly comprised of Gretchen rather than Big-uns as the latter’s lack of intelligence is far more detrimental at this level of operations than useful, but the occasional Big-un is still found.

Gear 2
Species : Gretchen or Big-un

The mighty union of Gretchen Engineers

Union in terms of Gretchen is a misleading word, frequently however a group of Gretchen will continue to work together on the grounds that they’ve not accidentally maimed one another, or worse, destroyed an invention. It was a special interest group within the mighty union that managed to crack the power mechanism of the ancient gate in the bowels of the hive.

Steamware maintenance
Steamware Maintenance

Species: Gretchen

Qin Empire

The Youxia

The Youxia are a new allegiance and are representatives of a rebel faction against an imperialistic state on an alien world that the next events are to be held upon in character. Their interests, like individual allegiances but more so, may not coincide perfectly with other player characters.

Novice and Adept in any single Yang martial art (see allegiance sheet for more information)

Species: Glycon