Individual Advantages

You may spend your character points on individual advantages for your character, which are resources not directly achievable by everyone. If you spend your points on individual advantages then you gain the advantages listed, however if your character dies then these advantages are usually lost (with the exception of Artefacts which remain in play).

Free group points

Each group is granted a number of free points dependant upon the numbers in the group. For each player member of your group that was created as a member of your allegiance you receive one free point in group advantages to a maximum of eight points.

Finally each expeditionary interest will allot a small amount of resources to be divided amongst all the groups from that allegiance in addition to those items granted to individuals.

After character creation it is not possible to purchase advantages with character points. Limited opportunities for increasing advantages or purchasing more in game exist however. For group advantages, if the number in a group decreases these advantages are not lost until there are no more group members left alive. However a group will not receive more character points to spend on advantages until that number is exceeded again.

The Catch

The expectations of your allegiance into the success or failure of the expedition is based upon the total size of all members of that allegiance who have joined the expedition at any point (not just your groups) as are the penalties they will apply for failure.

Influence (Group or Individual)

This advantage represents the amount of influence you have with a given organisation. Each organisation has a limited number of available points and when this amount has been reached no more are available until the amount of influence in play is reduced. Influence can be utilised by IC actions to achieve many of the same advantages on this list however utilisisation may come at a price.

It is possible to buy individual influence only with a group that is not of your allegiance, however such influence is limited in what it can be used for and is far more easily lost. There are additional groups that your character can influence that are not an expeditionary interest, including gentlemen’s clubs, the freemasons, revolutionaries and heresies.

The minimum group size to buy group influence is 2 player full members of the allegiance for one point of group influence, four player full members of the alligence for two points of group influence and six player full members of the alligence for three points. Group influence can only be purchased with your allegiance. The maximum amount of group influence a group can start with is three. The maximum amount of individual influence that an individual can start with is five.

You may spend your influence on specific traits if you wish, some examples of which are below. Specific traits have the advantage of being harder to lose through IC actions by you or against you. Other specific traits if available will be listed in the lore sheets.

Supporting cast (Group only)

For every 2 points your group places into this advantage your group will receive an additional character control by plot in your group. Note the non-player character will have their own agenda which may or may not match yours and that their appearance at events is solely at the discretion of plot. The background and skills of the supporting cast member will be created by plot.

The maximum number of supporting cast members you may have is one supporting cast for three player full members of your group and two supporting cast members for six full members of your group.

Artefacts (individual or group)

From religious icons to steamware, artefacts are extremely rare items that your group has access to. Many artefact items are highly individual but some of the more “common” artefacts are those of automatons and steamware. Dependent upon your group allegiance, you or your group may personally own this item or it may be on indefinite loan.

It is impossible to buy an artefact once you are in play with points, although it is possible to in character request to borrow one from an allegiance. It is also possible with the correct skills and components (many of which may be available for purchase) to build the artefacts listed as well as many others.

Artefacts can be stolen or destroyed and the points used to purchase them will be thus worthless. We have compensated for this by reducing the price of the items as well as through other hidden mechanisms but destruction or theft of the item will still be a significant blow and you should be aware of the inherent risk.

All this stated the selection of the right artefacts at group or character creation could spell the difference between success or utter destruction of the entire expedition.

Steamware (individual only)

Steamware must be bought with individual points only, and is listed under steamware in the book of gear and artefacts as well as in your allegiance sheets.

Steamware limb or sense 0 pts:- If you are human, Gretchen or Velten you may opt to replace a limb or sense with its mechanical equivalent for 0 pts. A non-upgraded steamware limb or sense operates as a fully function limb or sense but is harder to repair, requires regular maintenance, is vulnerable to electro damage and liable to cause the bearer prosecution from religious types.

Automaton (Group only)

There are three special advantages unique to groups which are the automaton advantages.

Biological automaton 2pts, if 2 points of group advantage is placed in artefacts one of your group may play a biological automaton.

Mechanical automaton 3pts, if 3 points of group advantage is placed in artefacts one of your group may play a mechanical automaton.

Anestote 4pts, if 4 points of group advantage is placed in artefacts one of your group may play a mechanical automaton with a organic brain.

Followers (individual or group)

You may have followers; for every point you spend in this advantage you have five basic followers. Followers do not begin with skills but aptitudes and you should select two aptitudes from the following list for each follower. You may assign these aptitudes individually but followers are far more effective in groups then they are as individuals, and there is no synergy between individuals for this advantage. If a follower is not supplied with basic sustenance then they will revert to the subsistence downtime action. If a follower’s needs are not met then they may start pursuing their own agenda to meet those needs. Followers almost never turn up in uptime.

The maximum number of points a group may place into this advantage is two.

Armour Missile Weapon Melee Weapon Travelling
Gathering Menial Work Medicine Religion
Bureaucrat Loyalty Research Knavery

It is perfectly ok to call your followers minions in character if you wish.

Gear (individual or group)

If you take the gear advantage your character receives a increased regular shipment of supplies, although the availability of supplies and their cost is variable dependent upon IC factors including your allegiance. Using the Maccelum Shamic Standard the amount of gear your character receives is equal to the following table. If your character spends no points then you will still receive some supplies. Input of what supplies your character gets is made at events or if judged impossible by your allegiance, up to them. You may also request that the gear is transferred to a Maccelum account (if you do not the allegiance will always assume that you want useful goods). However the gear advantage will be earmarked on your character as stemming from a particular source and will have stated limitations in terms of what or from whom you may spend it with. Unless your character has purchased the noble advantage or is a member of a guild then this will not be your own.

Points spent in Gear Advantage

Weight in Shamic (raw grade 75%)

0 100g
1 200g
2 300g
3 500g
4 800g
5 1300g

Collection of the resources may either be in the form of a drop in downtime or delivery IC dependent upon IC factors.