Artefacts purchased at character creation are automatically considered to be of the best quality for that item.
After character creation artefacts may very rarely (with no guarantee at each event) be available for sale by NPCs for shamic, or otherwise available through plot but there is also no guarantee as to the quality of the item. Artefacts can also be crafted by PCs from base components (either brought or manufactured in game), with a quality that is statistically likely to be better.

Bonebelcher Thrower 3 pts (2 for legion or gretchen allegiance).

The manufacture of these devices has been lost since the death of its inventor, high engineer Buzont Bonebelcher. However over five hundred of these devices are rumoured to still be operational and can be found in both Imperial legions and Gretchen squads. These days Bonebelchers can be found in the legions and gretchen squads almost exclusively, including being attached to Anestotes. However it is not unheard of for these devices to crop up in criminal or foreign hands. A bonebelcher is capable of automatically priming any type of grenade upon firing.

Rules:-You must have the grenadier skill to load this device though no skill is required for firing it. A bonebelcher is capable of storing up to five grenades, loading is physrepped by attaching the grenade lammies to the thrower. When fired there is a slight delay necessary to clear the chamber, during which time you must rip the grenade lammie you have just used. You may select any of the grenade lammies attached to the bonebelcher lammie for firing irrespective of loading order.

Physrep:- A bonebelcher physrep and its ammunition physreps must be examined and tested by safety crew prior to entering play. You must not use any other physrep for the ammunition than those which have been authorised for the use of this item. The physrep must be of at least 14 inches in length. It should have a range and force less than that of the maximum for a bow.

Anestote Chainsword Artifact 3 (2 for anestote legion)

Based upon the Anestote Chainclaw and commonly fashioned from the remains of them, the Anestote Chainsword is a particularly nasty weapon and dangerous even in a peasants hand’s. It is deadly in a soldier’s. The Anestote Chainsword requires a Ayther power source for use.

Rules: You may replace any medium combat call with its damage value and cleave, for example you may replace double through or double with double cleave. An Anestote Chainsword requires Aytherite batteries, each Aythrite battery is good for half an hour of use or until you switch it off. To be able to replace your damage call with cleave either the phys rep or a device attached to the physrep must make an appropriate sound. When switched off a chainsword can be used for the damage calls medium single, double and triple as well as medium single through.

Phys rep: A Chainsword which must emit noise when active

Shocker 2 pts

A Gretchen device that can be added to any contact weapon, it requires careful and sustained surface contact with the opponent which makes it impossible to cause damage at the same time. However once contact is achieved the wielder can flick a switch releasing a jolt of energy into the opponent. Requires a Shamic battery.

Rules:- Providing that the weapon or the device attached to the weapon makes an electrical crackling sound then you may call single electro once before recharhing.

Physrep: Wire running from the weapon to a device no smaller than half a tennis ball commonly strapped to the wrist.

Ayther Collector 4pts (3 for Aethyrites)

Providing this collector is placed in a suitable location with a native supply of Ayther in the air then this will extract the Ayther particles from the air and produce pure grade Ayther Gases.

Physrep: Contraption no more then five foot high by a five foot wide at the base, larger vertical surface area yields more Ayther.

Food Dessicator 2pts

The food dessicator will take basic food stuffs as well as water and create specially designed food bricks, allowing for large amounts of sustenance in a compact area.

Phys rep: Parts of a contraption that is at least four cubic feet worth of space.

Water Purifier 2pts

Although there are permanent structures capable of purifying water these take time to construct during which potable water immediately becomes of great, sometimes bloody interest. Additionally it is widely believed that certain alchemical and shamic processes cannot be filtered by normal means. A portable water purifier was developed based the upon the famed monstrous lake of Willis pumps.

Phys rep: Parts of Contraption that is at least 4 cubic foot

AythrCardio 2pts

No one is precisely sure exactly how an AytherCardio device actually works and the history of this device is notorious with its inventor still sought by inquisitorial forces for the crime of creation. However an AythrCardio device, while considered grey and forbidden technology by the Asclepius, has yet to be declared heretical. An AytherCardio device can bring those who have very recently died back to life.

Rules: Without the AytherCardio resuscitation skill you may use an AytherCardio device to attempt to revive a dead character. To do so you must tear open the lammie. If the results state that the character is revived without the skill “AytherCardio resuscitation” and within the time listed then that character has been revived and you should pass the lammie to that character so they may follow the rules within. The skill “AeytherCardio resuscitation” will significantly improve the likelyhood of resuscitation.

Physrep: Briefcase sized device with dials, lights and wires that can run to the patient.

Portable Difference Engine (3 pts empire, 2 pts Cetus Duchies)

One of the few inventions of the dreaming spires in the Cetus Duchies that has become sought after by people in the Empire.

Rules: During uptime if a calculator has been attached to the device then you may use it providing you have the skill “mathematics”. Additionally the portable difference engine may have other uses at a game. During downtime this device can be utilised with the skill “mathematics” to assist in that skill’s applications.

Phys rep: Two cubic foot contraption

Clockwork Exoframe (Individual only) 5pts (3 for eternal legion).

A clockwork exoframe is a cannibalised Anestote with its plating removed and the remainder hollowed out and converted for utilisation by the engineers and soldiers of the legion, though a number of these have been purchased by other interests and individuals. Like the Anestote themselves each exoframe is extremely individual and you will recieve a number of options for customisation that might affect the prop itself. Therefore if you are interested then please contact us for more information. Purchasing this device automatically grants your character the skill “Pilot Clockwork exoframe”.

Physrep:Bulky Exoframe supporting all limbs.

Aytherite Resonance Enhancers 1pt

A small box attached by cable to common goggles, these allow the user when properly attuned to them to see in low light conditions. No one is quite sure exactly how this device works, however it is known that the goggles themselves are forced to gradually adapt to the bearers eyes over time, specifically to them but require the resonant frequency of Ayther particles with in the enhancer.

Rules: The Lammie is attached to the box physrep and not the goggles. For this device to work they must be OOC represented by low light vision goggles and you the player are responsible for this item. The rules have been deliberately designed so to make the expensive physrep worthless IC and you should keep hold of them at all times when not OC. This device enables players to make use of a modern technology item. If IC the Aytherite resonance enhancers lack power or have been broken through shatter or some other effect then you may not make use of the low light device.

Physrep: Small box and cable, googles used must be modded to keep in with the setting.

Mechanical and Biological a Automatons

See the rules in the general advantage sections, both of these advantages have additional modifications which the individual playing one can buy. A loresheet containing this information is available to those who are playing these species.

Ayther-Cinematographe 2pts /

Electrohardening:- Single

You can take up to 15 minutes of black and white moving imagery, without sound. You may have as many breaks in between each recording period as you wish as well as overwriting undeveloped imaging. However it is not possible to IC view it until development of the images has been performed in DT. Once this has been done you may then also use this device to project it upon a screen. Each activation the recording function or projection function requires one shamic battery. Purchase of this device allows you to nominate one character to gain the protocol Imaging science.

This device requires the skill imaging science to be used.