New Players

This is 1318′s final event so as a new player it is important for us to be able to sell this event to you as a awesome and fulfilling one off event. As such we are presenting a few conceptual backgrounds that we can guarantee will both get you heavily involved in the plot that’s wrapping up as well as your own stuff.

Note: Both character creation and the rules are currently being streamlined for the last event and will shortly be updated.

The Gretchen

One of our top selling points for this as a one off awesome event for new players is that this is your chance to play a goblin in a underground civilisation of other mad evil genius goblins. Although masks are great, it’s easy to pull off a good look with green snazz and a two pound witches nose combined with a decent costume. Gretchen as a whole are fond of practical clothing (mechanics overalls, trousers with suspenders and bowler hats and helmets as common) but it is a civilisation of eccentrics and can run the gamut from dinner jackets to lab coats.
They’re big on steamware too so if you want to go over and above with costume we’d recommend a prosthetic eye, arm or just a plate of metal stuck somewhere visible.
The Gretchen empire is also relatively insular and unconcerned what is going on above ground so it isn’t necessary to read the main background brief on the website (as there’s a separate briefing sheet that can be emailed to you).

Gretchen Hive Teams

A hive team is considered the elite of the elite in terms of gretchen military but in fact you can view them as half swat team, half sports team. The gretchen hive teams are sorted into a competitive league and ranked by their completion of trouble shooting missions by the league sponsors as well as highly dangerous and arguably stupid competitive games between one another. As there is already a player group hive team we would plot the final championships of the league (possibly involving death twister and/or ravenous death zebra) as well as provide a bunch of stupid… dangerous… exciting missions and objectives!
You read the main selling point for playing a gretchen was “civilisation of mad evil genius goblins” right?

The mighty union of Gretchen Engineers

Science! Industry! Ingenuity! Mayhem!
These are the very pillars of Gretchen society and the The mighty union of Gretchen Engineers are the foundation of these pillars. Every gretchen grows up wanting to join the Union, the birthplace of almost every marvel of the modern age.

The union was the foremost power in the gretchen empire but is currently losing a war against other groups.
The union as a whole may very well be one of the main antagonists of the final event depending on how plot evolves and player action, however union is a somewhat misleading term ( “civilisation of mad evil genius goblins”etc etc). As such how you play it and your goals are adaptable but it will place you in a position that is at the centre of the plot.

Big uns (also known as vat bred) are the other species in the gretchen empire and are physically similar to orclike tropes. Physically stronger and tougher Big uns are purchased for menial jobs and although not slaves are second class citizens due to being barred from having the vote (which in the hyper-democracy of the gretchen empire is their chief form of currency). Recent events have caused the majority of them to unionise and form their own faction named after a particularly famous Big-un. Viewed as terrorists by the majority of the gretchen empire, your goals as the leaders or heroes of the worgs would be to achieve their aim of equality.



Consensus is a joke-name used by a conspiracy of human individuals who’ve been fucking with the player characters since the very beginning of the system and has been massively intertwined with the plot. Like the union, the name is a misdemeanor and it is already apparent that there are as many views on their objectives as their are members. Although we’re recommending this option it does need to be noted it will be a challenge. Your final objectives (which will be entirely up to you and spelt out in the brief as to this group’s understanding of how favourable the current PCs are towards these objectives) may very well put you in direct conflict with the PCs. Although we will provide you with favours to cash in with them in return for their help (some of which will be time specific to aid you in your longevity to that point) you should bare in mind that we’re a brutal game and it could go wrong very quickly.
Of course if that’s what you want…

Martial arts fighting lizards from another planet is a bit of an odd choice for our final event in a steampunk underground goblin city but we’ve included it because their style of fighting is considered a lot of fun by our player-base and it would allow us to wrap up plot we’d not otherwise spend significant amounts of time on. Having saved/wrecked your own home planet you’d be at the event to help those who helped you save/wreck yours and save/wreck thiers.

Actual actors (that are actually actors).
The player characters are currently infiltrating the gretchen empire by pretending to be actors of a new gilbert and sullivan play all about themselves. If you’d like to be thrown in amidst the chaos with as little clue as to what’s going on as you’d like (or with a strong motivation that the show must go on) then an actor’s life is for you.